Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fake anti-pua PUAs

There is a phenomenon which I am noticing these days that a lot of PUAs are catching on the fake anti-pua train. Let me explain what I mean by that. They will a have few customary posts on how PUA doesn't work, how looks are not nearly as unimportant as "other PUAs" claim, it's really a numbers game in the end but still dude, game works! All of what RSD, LS etc. are teaching about game is crap but dude, here, take my advice, it works!

Before I write further, I would like people to read this particular comment written on some website (I am not saying the website is good or not, but just this comment is really nice) - This comment shows how even guys who claim to be somewhat honest, are still crap.

Lets look at some examples of PUAs who are on the fake anti-pua train - First up, Sinn. He has a few posts con how he hates Style, how he hates the other PUAs giving crappy advice etc. etc. but then he comes up with a post called 5 Types of Cold Reads. Like really dude?! And you are saying "other PUAs are crap".

Then Rob Judge. He claims repeatedly on his website that PUA is dead, PUA advice is crap etc. etc. and then comes up with a product in which he sells a "FERA system" to getting women, which is focus, emotion, rapport and arousal (Sounds suspiciously similar to Mystery Method, does it?). Then gives advice like you should you use "Statement Roulette", "3 step and spin", sells products saying 7 steps to get women, secrets to getting FHM cover hot models bending over backward for you etc.

Another random website which I came across - Why I hate a PUA. Imagine a guy writing an article like this and selling or affiliate marketing a product at the bottom with the tag line - Ask her these 3 questions scientists use to get laid… And you’ll get her, every time! Click here to discover a ‘simple trick’, so you can see inside any woman’s mind and know exactly what she is thinking about you.. Instantly and absolutely free.” (He earlier had this tag there, seems to have removed it now. Some other dude actually commented on this same thing) 

I can give lots of lots of such examples. Take Dj Fuji. He seems like one of the guys probably at the forefront of seemingly-legit-PUA-but-actually-not movement. He says you should work on your fundamentals etc. and then says while coaching, he will give you a customized routine stack to "automate your verbals". He says you should have reasonably standards then says on his website - "How a 5'4" tubby asian pulls models, strippers and blazing sex goddesses from hottest clubs and can teach you how to do the same in three short days". He was also defending himself (unsuccessfully) on PUA in some convo and saying that he will demonstrate the "hardest" set of the night (No words can describe how much is wrong in even spending even a moment of your focus on such a thing), how when he meets 10 clients, 4 of them hate him but 6 like him and he focuses on those.

To conclude, please stay as far away from PUAs as possible. Even if someone seems somewhat legit and claims that "other PUA stuff" doesn't work or he doesn't really think of himself as a PUA (Zan Perrion comes to mind and yes, he is just as bad as others, probably much worse), he is still almost certainly a total scam.


  1. Do you already know this lame rhetorical maneuver: Aaron Sleazy debunks yet another pickup concept, and now the PUA shill tries to embrace him, saying that "we've all read Debunking, but the community has moved on, and that in this age of transparency, the bad coaches get weeded out quickly"?

    I was laughing out loud when I came across this on Reddit recently. First, the "community" hasn't moved on a bit, and second, one of the main points of "Debunking" is that there really is no "game" to teach. It's only fundamentals.

    A guy on my forum made an excellent statement about some NYC PUA recently:

    " No doubt that Justin Wayne gets laid, but it doesn't mean he has any sort of skills that can be taught to someone. He just plays the numbers game like every other dude who has success with women.-

    Legit in that he sleeps with some attractive girls? Yes. Legit in that he could teach you or anyone skills to overcome supposed "disadvantages?" Nope."

    This says it all.

    The guy who wrote this is Purple, and the thread is here:

    1. It is not just a numbers game. Numbers are very important, but it is about have a good desirable personality that women like. I am 100% sure of this because I've gone behind friends of mine that are better looking than me and gotten the girl, so personality and image and how you come across are very important. No, you can't get any girl, but you can get more than the good looking guy with a mediocre personality!

    2. Justin is a fake. One of the girls in his videos, Mary -Ann, is a hired escort, who recently came over from Hungary, for instance.

  2. See this Johnny:

  3. Alek - yeah, I saw that. I have never really seen Mark in too much detail, but whatever little I did do, I never got a very positive feeling. There is too much of "creating the us vibe", "doing role plays", "making statements and not asking questions", "learning how to tell a story properly", "being non-needy", "projecting your voice", "keeping your shoulders back" going on.

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