Monday, 25 June 2012

Officially closing this blog

Recently a guy commented that this blog has got fairly sucky off late, where I am not really writing stuff much of value and am seemingly just hating on game dudes. I like to think there is a lot of value in even that as I am saying there isn't much to be done and that there are only some 10-15 things which are needed, a lot of which I outline on this blog. Having said that, I recognize the point and have myself been feeling that I have been going on randomly about shit, as I feel there isn't much to write anymore.

With that said, I am officially closing this blog. I can of course keep writing about random stuff to no end, but that also goes fundamentally against what I believe that you don't need much stuff. For 99% percent of the people, if you just went and implemented the advice on this blog, you won't need much beyond this. For any further advice, Sleazy's blog and Sleazy's forum is much more than enough.

There is one point which I want to make to people who still actively read seduction blogs. Please understand, there isn't too much theory or ideas that you need. A few key ideas are all that is needed - beyond that, you just have to go out and do stuff. Constantly reading PUA blogs doesn't help and is actually just hurtful.

There has also been a change in my life situation lately in that I quit my job and am doing a start-up. Going forward, I want to spend most of my time on that and not on any seduction related stuff. I might still post every now and then on Sleazy's forum but that's about it. For anyone who hasn't read through that, I can't recommend it enough. Off late, I have also been divulging too much of personal info online, which looking back I am not entirely comfortable with, so that is another reason to stop.

I am very happy that I started this blog and many people have told me that they have liked it a lot and got a lot of value out of it. I also think that I have already shared a large quantity of whatever I wanted to write about.

There is just one request I would make to people who read this blog - please write about your experiences honestly somewhere, even if you have not achieved all your dating goals yet. There are too many non-legit dudes out there on the internet churning out non-stop garbage and the dating advice world could certainly use more legit people.

With all that said, adios guys. Feel free to email me and/or drop me a comment on this blog and I will respond


  1. Johnny,

    Your blog has been very helpful to me in that you are an intelligent guy who studied seduction and realized that the seduction community is BS.

    For instance, in one of your posts you mentioned how the seduction community makes learning seduction into this "epic journey" of self improvement. Funny then how AFC Joe can go to a keg party and chat up a horny girl with meaningless conversation to take her home without ever going through this "epic journey".

    Hopefully you can keep your blog up as perhaps some frustrated guy studying seduction will stuble upon it which will enable him to break the loop of learn sedution - fail - learn more seduction.

    PS. Good luck with the start up.

    1. I will be keeping it around for anyone to see. Just that there aren't going to be any new posts anytime in the near future

  2. this is total crap

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  3. Hey Johnny just ignore the second poster he's just being stupid. I've posted here once describing my bootcamp experience and got a lot out of your blog. Good luck on your start up!

    Not doing another bootcamp with anyone ever. Once bitten twice shy.

    1. Thanks man. I just hope you haven't turned all bitter with regards to dating in general because of stupid PUAs. Go out there and pursue some activities which you enjoy, and you will meet people. It's honestly not that hard.

  4. THANK YOU, Johnny, for this blog. I followed you from PUAHate and have been reading this since April.

    I didn't waste any money on pick-up, but I did waste a lot of TIME. It feels like the community and industry really attract a lot of dateless nerds (me included) who want to "catch up" on all the dating opportunities they missed out on. Unfortunately they make it like you have to be hitting the nightclubs every weekend and doing lots of cold approaches, and that stuff can be harsh for the clueless folks. I also always wondered how much time the pick up gurus themselves were putting in in order to bed X women per month. Was it really that efficient?

    You were also spot on about how the PUAs just have a one-size-fits-all solution, like the PUA at the boot camp you took who didn't ask you anything about your dating history or background. They sell something that worked for them in their own lives, and assume it will work for everyone.

    Good luck in your endeavors!

    1. I wasted some money on pickup but in the grand scheme of things, it's an insignificant amount. I too hate the amount of time I spent on it, how it fucked me up, the amount of time it then took me to deprogram from all that BS.

      I too was in the category of "dateless nerd" for a very long time, who wanted to "catch up" on all the dating opportunities I missed out in life. This is hardly the problem. Problem is more when the blind tries to lead the blind.

      The time aspect which you talk about, I don't know how many people have asked themselves that question. If you factor in everything - the time spent reading books, blogs and forums, time spent doing approaches, energy spent, time needed to recover, time spent taking "self-improvement" stuff primarily aimed towards improving yourself with women - all of that is a MASSIVE amount of time. What I get from all of it better be seriously worth it.

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  6. Just checked out your blog. Been reading through your posts and it's all good stuff man, I like how you express your thoughts not only with PUA scamming, but with general dating and thoughts about women.

    Hope you put some new stuff up soon.


    1. Hey man. Glad you liked it, especially considering how experienced you are. Although I do have plenty of things which I can and want to write about, this whole thing ends up taking too much of my time.

      I want to focus completely on my start up right now and eliminate every other non-super-high priority item from my life. I recently even blocked Sleazy's forum and blog from my browser. So no posts anytime soon.

      Just as a side note, I did learn quite a bit from your posts over at Sleazy's forum. So thanks for that!

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