Thursday, 8 March 2012


This is an introductory post describing what this blog is going to be all about. Firstly, this is not about trying to make any money, selling any products, offer any coaching, doing affiliate marketing, I am not secretly trying to be a writer, generate money through ad revenue or any such thing.

The only purpose of this blog is to share my story, my experiences with doing PUA and hopefully convince you stay away from PUA. If in the process, you can gain something useful out of it, that's great! Also, I will never preach any advice of any sort. Advice will only be in the form of logical deductions which I arrived at through my experiences.

Another point about the posts. This is going to be more a dump of my thoughts than carefully edited posts. Thus, posts may not come across very structured, may have typos, grammatical errors and the like. Please don't bash me for that. If however, due to it you have a problem clearly understanding the message, please do let me know.

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