Friday, 9 March 2012

Having clear standards aligned with your goals

This is actually a very very important point and I want to make a detailed post about this. Its about standards.

Now I used to hear from a lot of guys that the girl they are with are very boring, or how they have to kick out a crazy girl next morning, or how most girls are super crazy, or they can't hold a conversation, or that very rarely do you get girls who were girlfriend material etc. None of this ever matched with my experiences. The few girls I had got in my life were all awesome in many ways. Good looks, good family backgrounds, good personalities etc. So I could not relate with this point.

Then I started noticing the girls which a lot of guys who were very good with women did get. A common pattern I noticed was they did not care much about their personalities, conversational ability, whether they had a nice face or not etc. The most important thing seemed to be that they had nice bodies. I was unconsciously only taking any interest in girls who were very good in every way. That of course if MUCH MUCH harder and you will have much lower success ratio.

I used to implicitly assume that girls which a lot of these guys fucked were all awesome in every way, just like my few girls were. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with fucking girls who can't talk much, but the point is, have clear standards which are aligned with your goals.

If you are just looking for random sex, don't bother so much with whether she has a cute face or not, or whether she can hold a good conversation for 20 minutes etc. Not saying you fuck just anything which does not say no, but i have noticed a lot of inexperienced guys like me tend to confuse random sex with high quality girls. They think that they should lots of random sex with lots of very high quality girls. It does not work that way.

So if you just care about having lots of sex, just look for girls who turn you on. That's it. Since I started employing this, I noticed I have been able to pull off some really crazy shit. Because you inherently don't care about these girls, (which you tend to do a lot when the girl is serious girl friend material), you go very shamelessly after your desires, which makes them even more attracted to you. Even if you lose some girls in the process, you don't really care.

Three weeks ago, I almost pulled off a threesome. In the end though, the girls said this was too much for them and instead I had sex with them individually. I think was able to go after it so shamelessly because I did not care much for these girls beyond sex.

This is a point which i feel most PUAs are not able to accept because to accept that all they are doing is just having a lower bar when fucking girls means that all the time they spent trying to learn about "game" was a complete waste.

Also, the flip side of this is that don't care when some PUA dude mentions some crazy numbers to you. Almost certainly, those girls are not super high quality. Getting super high quality women from cold approach on a regular basis, I am going to say, is impossible. Some white dudes I have seen fucking a lot of Asian girls in NY - when I told them that most Asian girls would accept a much lower quality white dude over an Asian dude for casual sex - they understandably get very defensive about it because it means that it was not much about them or their "awesome game".

If you look at some guys like Jeffy, he has pulled off some crazy shit and he is well known for fucking fatties. I have no problems with guys fucking whoever, but for anyone reading any such thing, just take everything with a grain of salt. And I am sure if someone went around telling average guys that they fuck reasonably average girls who would not say no - nobody will really praise you. They will all say, yeah dude, no biggie there, I know. But really, that's what it really is.

So yeah, have clear goals and standards aligned with those goals. And sex with some average girls is a LOT of fun as you go shamelessly after your desires and they put in a lot of effort to please you! :)

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  1. "This is a point which i feel most PUAs are not able to accept because to accept that all they are doing is just having a lower bar when fucking girls means that all the time they spent trying to learn about "game" was a complete waste."


    Jeffy admitted he fucked 50+ girls from OKCupid last year, and they were mostly 7s. He plans on increasing his standards this year lol.