Friday, 9 March 2012

More evidence of PUA crapola

As I started distancing myself from PUA, I became increasingly frustrated at how much of a scam these guys were. By this time, this point has been beaten to death on plenty of forums and websites (Check out Aaron Sleazy for the best resource on this), but I still want to write about 4-5 which I think are very important and affect your results in a huge way.

First, looks don't matter. Again beaten to death by now, but the effects of this were very clear. I decided to get a fashion consulting session. Got a new wardrobe, started maintaining my facial hair, better grooming, new haircut. Results were blatantly obvious. I could now notice girls blatantly check me out sometimes.

Second, venue selection. Again, extremely important. To a normal guy, this may sound like no shit, sherlock - but somehow this is not obvious within PUA. I would never get anything at a frat bar kind of a place, full of loud obnoxious dudes but when I went to laid back places, with international crowds, I would do well even if my mood was very bad that day.

Third, individual goals, style and preferences. There is no one size fits all methodology. Your style, venues, type of girls etc. will vary drastically from person to person. A style of game which works for someone who has all the time in the world, loves going to loud nightclubs, has no money, looking for plenty of one-night stands, prefers crazy girls will be very different than for someone who works a hectic job, wants some peace and quiet in life, doesn't want to put lots of effort into this, just wants a reasonable girl who has a good personality. Similarly, if one person has never even held a girl's hands in life versus someone who has got 5 chicks every year for the past 7-8 years and is just looking for higher quality - these are two completely different people.

Then, success ratio. Somehow this never gets mentioned on any PUA website. It is a very important factor. For a guy like me who works a hectic job and has some hobbies as well, I can't possible go out 3 nights a week and approach every girl crazily just to get a one-night stand. There has to be a higher return on investment for me.

There is one other point which I want to emphasize about which is standards, that is extremely important. I will make a separate post about it.


  1. your experience is similar to mine. spot on observations

  2. Venue selection is ignore in PUA, which is something I had to learn as well. In addition to ROI

  3. Brent Smith's style is similar to mine, and your progression as noted in other posts is similar to mine (in PUA). I have tried street approaches with very minimal success, and the effort is not worth it. As it is now I go out and try display my status, letting women come to me.

  4. @Anonymous - Dude, if you are getting results then well and good but I would strongly caution you against reading too much into Brent Smith's advice.

    He is a guy who charges 7 figures a year at a minimum (according to his website). For that much money, I can fuck extremely hot hookers almost everyday for 3-4 years (I have heard famous porn stars charge around $1000). Assuming some regular customer discount, the face that an average guy doesn't want to sex everyday, you don't always need porn star quality - then you can be sexually satisfied for almost a decade in that much money.

    Point is, it is not worth learning how to get laid for that much money. So now if he is charging that much money - it implies he is a total scam in real life. So naturally, I don't put any weight on anything that comes out of his mouth.