Friday, 9 March 2012

PUA coaching experience - Part 2

I decided to hire a better coach. These guys were probably better, or so I thought. They were more expensive, dressed better, had a blog and a full fledged PUA company. Of course they were better.

I had two phone coaching sessions and one live weekend consisting of 2 nights and 1 day. Once again, I should have spotted the red flags. They never asked many details about my background on the phone, about my appearance and or what they thought my sticking points were. They just tried to impose their "FERA system" on me. Like that is the magic cure all for everything.

I sent them some FRs consisting of my night out after their phone coaching session. I was using some conversational starters which went completely against the philosophy they were teaching, but that was working brilliantly for me after I started coaching for me. Looking back, it was a placebo effect. In reality, I was doing the exact same things as before.

I told them about it, they said no this is not right. You should do the other thing which i am teaching you. Because I was not comfortable with those lines, they did not work for me. I thought I am clearly doing something wrong. So I ended up taking a live weekend with them.

Two of them. Two of us. Started the night with some drinks and we once again went into their "FERA system". No individual advice or individual attention. We ended up going to some fancy upscale lounge - I was not comfortable in that environment and thus I did not do well there. Our task for the night was to use a couple of lines they had given and try to isolate a girl. I did not do well, they said you're so money bro, no more advice, they said we'll take it tomorrow, you guys are awesome.

There were more red flags that I should have noticed. The guy with me opened the friend of a girl I was with a really awkward hey baby, how are you, do you want a drink etc. It was said very awkwardly, in PUA language he sounded very AFCish, very needy and the like. Surprisingly, the girl found him very cute, they later exchanged numbers and hooked up.

Also, before the start of the night, I had got a date fixed for next week from my dance class. Once again, I had not done anything. Chatted with the girl about the dance, about work, asked her number. Texted her that would you like to go for a drink with me - she was super excited and replied yes with plenty of exclamation marks in the text. I told these guys about it - they were like see dude, this works. This is awesome. You're so money bro. I thought at the point that hey, I did not do anything. I have no clue why she likes me and clearly I did not do anything which you guys taught. So I was not really sure why they were claiming the credit for it.

But once again, the stupid brainwashed me, did not connect the dots and still continued with this PUA shit.